Turnigy 9XR

Turnigy will launch a new radio to replace the much-loved 9x.
For now there is not much information available, but … I’m curious.

Turnigy 9XR

– The 9XR has a pin-out in the battery compartment for easier custom firmware flashing without needing to open the case.
– It will use the atmega chip and can be flashed with your existing customized software. In fact, it comes standard with a similar ROM to ER9x.
– Back-lit screen
– Has inbuilt and module based antenna system
– Spare parts available
– Improved switch and pot quality
– The 9XR will be $50.00
– We’re working with Frsky on a module for the 9XR

When will be available for pre-order? If I may ask …

I’m taking 50 dollars out of my wallet at this very moment …

More at www.rcgroups.com and twitter.com