HobbyKing philosophy applied to Marketing – The Turnigy 9XR tale

Over the last few months, from time to time, the HobbyKing (cleverly) releases some information or image.

Whenever the interest on 9XR falls in forums (and the like), HobbyKing releases something else … So, the subject has been discussed (a lot) in various forums.

See here and here, for example. This site has been no exception, as indeed can be seen here, here, and here.

This time the “high” is the launch of turnigy9xr.com domain.

Turnigy9xr.com website

The website was active for a few moments and then removed.

It was enough to someone be able to extract a few more photos …

The potential of Marketing outsourcing (us) and social media to prepare the launch of a product. A textbook example. Well done HobbyKing!!

Turnigy 9XR hobbyking team

Let’s just hope that the 9xr be as good as expected …