DG-200 GPS Data Logger

GPS Data Logger

DG-200 GPS Data Logger

For some time I’ve been intrigued by what the maximum speed achieved by the models I build and fly. I would also like to know how high I can fly. But without buying very expensive equipment is impossible to get an accurate reading.

I tried using software like WAVEosSCOPE (Doppler Effect analyser) which is a good solution for getting very approximate speed results, but requires extra work which makes it time consuming to obtain the desired values. And only serves to discover the speed. See example here

Since the aim was to get the speed and altitude of flight, I looked for a GPS logger that was small, simple and light enough to be able to put aboard a small plane RC. In the market there are some offers, but the prices are much higher and more complex devices.

I found this on ebay Globalsat DG-200, which is exactly what I wanted. Small, simple and cheap.
Very simple to use (just turn on), this GPS logger will store all the information requested. Not much resolution (measured points per second) but it has enough to register the required values . Then just download and analyze the recorded information in, for example Google Earth, to find out everything you wanted to know.

The only flaw I found was that is complicated to distinguish one GPS path from another after several flights. I can live with that …

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