F-22 Raptor

This is the most stable foamy I ever built, especially with the KFm4, which I use in all (almost) my foam planes and recommend. The KFm4 eliminates the “kite like” behavior, and put the plane on a rock solid predictable trajectory, with or without wind. The behavior is similar to a much heavier airplane.

Once you get the hang of it, the takeoffs are simple. The trick is to give it enough power to allow the plane to gain some speed, without being influenced by the engine torque. In my particular case with this Power Pack, the right spot is close to 60% of power. As soon as I can get my hands at the controls, I apply full power and pull the nose up!! Easy!

I had some difficulty in obeying to the proposed construction method. That system of cutting and folding did not convince me. So I chose to do the opposite. I cut the bevel on depron sheet and folded into the fold, instead of folding out. It worked quite well, but I do not know if it works better that the proposed method. The next one I do will be with the proposed method, so I can then say whether it is better.

As Dave Powers says in one of his videos, this airplane does not work well with wing flaps, but I am a bad listener, so I had to test it myself. And I do confirm the opinion of the designer/pilot.

The flaps only become useful if the aircraft is equipped with a landing gear. In that case the landing flaps allow a faster but flat approach with the landing track. The implementation of flaps is not advantageous for belly landings.

The decoration was made with water-based paint applied with brush (light gray). After that I applied the Tamiya Color Spray darker gray (I believe it was TS-48 Gunship Grey). The decals were done with a laser printer on decal paper.

My F-22 Raptor Movie list

More information about my F22 setup:

TX/RX: Turnigy 9x (v2) + 8Ch Receiver
RTF: 780g (~ 27.5 oz)

Esc: generic ebay, 60 Amp esc plus 5v UBEC
Servos: 2 x Turnigy TG9e rudder is 9g, 9g 2 x Turnigy TG9e for ailerons and 1 x Turnigy MG90S for Metal Gear for the Elevator
Battery: 2200mAh 3S 30C Turnigy
Motor: Turnigy 450 H2218 2100kv
Prop: 7×4

Hardware list

Turnigy 450 H2218 2100KV

939MG Metal Gear

Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 30C


TGS Sport 7x4E

Hobbyking SS Series 50-60A ESC


This RC model is a fantastic flyer, fast, stable and robust. With this setup, both the motor+esc and battery are just warm after the flight.
Plans: www.RCPowers.com