Eurofighter Typhoon

This depron Eurofighter is a beautiful discovery. It is immensely simple to make, economical in its construction and easy to fly. It is so easy that I dare to propose this model as the 2nd plane after a trainer. It is lightweight and sturdy. It’s cheap and fun. It resists all landings even the most violent. And when you destroy it, it is easy to fix. What more can we ask for?

With a 2826-6 outrunner motor and a 6×4 prop, this airplane can confortably carry a 3S, 2200 mAh battery, flying at 90 km/h (56 mph) and land like a feather. The vertical performance with a 3s 1300 mAh is enviable.

Its author, Tomhe, has a few more proposals on its website. Make him a visit.

As this model is only “bank and yank” some maneuvers are not possible to implement, but adding a rudder is very simple.
The flight characteristic are benign, even for a delta with elevons. The canards are fixed and we don’t really need them. The stall is almost nonexistent, and can fly with quite pronounced High Alpha, at least 30 degrees with no problems. After that the wings start to Rock .

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a twin-engine, canard-delta wing, multirole combat aircraft, designed and built by a consortium of three companies: EADS, Alenia Aeronautica and BAE Systems. Working through a holding company, Eurofighter GmbH, which was formed in 1986. The aircraft has entered service with the German Luftwaffe, the British Royal Air Force, the Italian Air Force, the Spanish Air Force, the Austrian Air Force and the Royal Saudi Air Force.

This Eurofighter Typhoon is made of 6mm Depron and is powered by an 2200kv outrunner (2212-6 / 2826-6).
The Lipo is a 3S, 30c, 1600 mAh and the prop is a 6x4E.

Free Plans: rc.tomhe.net
3 Views: Wikipedia

Hardware list

D2826-6 2200kv

939MG Metal Gear

Turnigy nano-tech 1300mAh 3S

Nano-tech 1300mAh 3S 45~90C

TGS Sport 6x4E



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