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808 Keychain Micro Camera #3 vs #11 Comparison

Small, light and cheap these cameras should have been done on purpose to be aboard RC airplanes.

YouTube Preview Image

This film was made aboard a RCPowers F22 Raptor, equipped with two cameras. A keychain #11 HD (price range around $38.00) and a keychain #3 (price range around $14.00). The images produced by both cameras are used without distortion, with the exception of a crop made ​​in the image of camera #3 to remove the date field and two black stripes (top and bottom) added to the #11 model footage to enhance the Aspect Ratio. The actual resolution has not changed. We can thus directly compare the quality of each one. The youtube compression as degraded the overall picture quality.

Comparison of real video resolution between 3# and #11 models.

I bought four different models of this camera to try to assess what is the best one.
The first camera I bought (Model #3) with a resolution of 720×480 pixels and very good picture quality. I later glued a “Jelly” wide lens, which increased the viewing angle from the original, which is quite tight. Despite trying to remove the annoying time stamp, I was never successful in this task.

I bought another camera to be able to shoot with two cameras simultaneously, but the camera I received was of much lower quality than the model #3 (I believe this camera is the #5 model).

After that, I found another model on sale with a smaller frontal area (the pinhole camera is in the bottom of the lighter as you can see in the picture). It is sold as lighter camera, with 1280×960 pixel resolution but the resolution is basically an interpolation of 720×480 native resolution and this does not result. The image quality is terrible.
These last two were only used once and thrown in the trash can!

A few months ago the keychain #11 model was launched with real HD resolution. It is an excellent buy and the results are very, very good … is not equal to a GoPro, but for the price, size and weight is value is unbeatable. To put aboard small RC planes (or cars, boats, rockets, …), this camera is the ideal one.

To increase the field of view, I added a 0.67x Wide Angle with higher quality than that used previously and the results are very satisfactory.

This Wide lens is sold as accessories for mobile phones, but it works just I expected.

Both wide lens were glued with epoxy and cannot be removed from the cameras.

I always use class 6 or higher microSD cards, with 4 Gb of capacity.

There is a new camera in the market named “HD808 Jumbo” but I’ve not tried it yet.

A lot more information about 808 Cameras in this Link

All these purchases were made in ebay stores. I do not support or endorse any of these stores and do not take responsibility for any purchases made on ebay.