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30 Amps ESC Heatsink

How to keep your (ESC) cool

I use this trick to keep my “30Amps ESC” cooler and with longer life.

Usually the “ESC” with less than 50Amp comes only with an aluminum plate cover to serve as a heatsink, but covered with an heat shrink plastic.

This combination does not make much sense. So I decided to seek a better solution that does not involve much work.

What I sought was some aluminum heatsink used in computers (made for use in RAM or GPU chipsets) that were small and practical to use.

This was the solution that worked best. Aluminum heatsink + Thermal Adhesive tape.

Some come with the Thermal Adhesive already applied. Just peel and stick.

All work necessary is to cut the heat shrink plastic gently and only enough to properly fit the new heatsink on top of the original aluminum plate.

Done …

This trick will turn an 30Amps Esc in to an 45Amps one? No.
But it will allow you to use 28Amps (continuous) without the nasty electrical burning smell …